Fintech: 5 Exceptional Banking & Finance Apps

Victor Notaro
2 min readMay 9, 2017


Budgetary management, investment strategies, and financial trackIng at our fingertips. What can’t we do with our phones, with regards to personal finance?

The remarkable ability to remotely organize, transfer, deposit, and direct our funds has changed the way we talk about money. Since 2011, the functions of mobile apps have shifted from simple digital check deposits to a birdlike vantage point of all our activity. Innumerable apps have been fashioned to meet the diverse needs, whether that’s tactical tips for saving or simplistic transactions. Some rank far above the rest:

This effortless money management flies high above the rest, likely is due to some reasons. The app is a one-stop financial tracker and bill payment service that simplifies the tedious task of overseeing bank, credit card, investment, and loan balances and transactions.

With this app, you’re able to identify spending behaviors, budget, and access highly personalized financial products.


This digital wallet is no longer a well-kept secret. Its popularity has spread like wildfire, with its unique social component and its ease of use. Users can link their bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards to their Venmo profile, and make and fulfill requests.


LearnVest offers expert advice and resources, and the financial planning service promises to empower its user to take control of their personal finances. With the financial products it sells, it teaches its clients how to progress money, a budget for goals, and invest. The focus of this app is to address and change spending behaviors for the sake of growing wealth.

Level Money:

Level Money is an award-winning tool that hones in on the importance of budgeting. With the app, you learn how much spendable money you have after you put aside money for the essentials. Striking a balance between what’s necessary (bills and saving) and what’s unnecessary (entertainment and non-essentials), you benefit from the never overspending.


This app functions like many others, but it goes a step further by motivating users to save money through incentives and small daily actions. The gamification of saving makes the task that much more exciting and far less daunting.

Some other apps you may want to consider are Paypal, Budget Boss, and Stash Invest. The Simple Bank app has also increased in popularity, though they have raked up some negative complaints across the BBB website and on many social media platforms due to policies that allegedly freeze many users out of their accounts. Nonetheless, each of these apps has eased money management for millions of Android and iPhone users. The ability to consolidate transactions across sounds, tally your net worth, and comb through spending habits has saved the public countless dollars in ATM fees and has helped to make money for others.



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