Is Free College A Good Idea?

Is Free College a Good Idea?

Argument 1: Free College Isn’t a Good Investment for the US Government

Argument 2: Government Schools Are Least Productive

Argument 3: College Education is Already Going To be Free

Benefits of Free College

  1. Free education would probably be a good thing. It would help people with low incomes and make college education more accessible to anyone who had the intelligence and motivation to attend.
  2. Free education would increase the number of college graduates in the US. It would help the economy by increasing productivity and giving more people opportunities for employment.
  3. Free college would reduce mental health problems among people exposed to overwhelming amounts of debt and stress related to paying for a college education.
  4. Free college would reduce inequality because students from poor areas would be able to enter higher education more easily than before.



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Victor Notaro

Victor Notaro


Victor Notaro is a corporate and commercial #banking professional. He has over 20 years of #financial services experience. #Pittsburgh